DR Medical Silicone Heel Cup

Product Description

The DR Medical Silicone Heel Cup is designed with comfort in mind. High-quality medical-grade silicone combined with a soft gel center provides instant pain relief to the heel region.

Features and Benefits

  • Medical grade silicone.
  • Soft gel center for enhanced pain relief and extended wear.
  • Multiple sizes to accommodate a wide fitting demographic.


With the ability to be worn in most shoes, the DR Medical Silicone Heel Cup helps to reduce pain associated with Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, heel and calcaneal spurs, as well as providing additional load & vibration relief for arthritis in the knee and leg joints.

HC-162-01Small 5 - 7 4 - 8
HC-162-02Medium8 - 10 9 - 12
HC-162-03Large 10.5 - 12 12.5+
HC-162-04X-Large 12+ -